Parents are superheroes – here’s proof

November 5, 2020

I admired my parents as a child. I thought they were the prettiest, best-dressed, youngest parents EVER. Now I realise they must’ve had other (less superficial) skills too to cope Read the full article…

hello weenie

October 31, 2020

No tricks here. Just treating you to a few sweet, non cavity-inducing sketches milking a marvelous pun. Sidebar: I’ve never met a pun I didn’t like, but I find people Read the full article…

Bad neighbours

July 6, 2020

Bad neighbours are like acne – unattractive, in your face, and leaving you scarred for life. Here’s what not to do in your hood…


May 22, 2020

Before losing weight wedding rings don’t fit, plump thighs eat holes in jeans, and faces expand to Val Kilmer levels. Cue me, volunteering to be part of a group transformation Read the full article…

Thirty One Things I Know For Sure Thanks To My Curly Hair

November 11, 2013

Hi, I’m hideously kinky. Been this way all my life. While others gloss, I crimp. Their locks move like liquid sunshine, mine stays put like cold porridge. They’re straight, I’m Read the full article…

Folk-style felt chair pocket with ties

May 2, 2013

‘Home Sweet Home’ hand sewn chair pocket with red felt ties. Windows and door one side, heart applique on the other. Red and light grey felt, red and grey stitching, Read the full article…

Girl’s knitted poncho

Striking knitted poncho for little miss aged 2-4. Garter stitch, red, navy edging and pom-pom neck tie.    

Strawberry jam sandwich wallet

Yummy Strawberry Jam Sandwich wallet. Hand sewn, embroidered ‘crust’. Light toffee/red felt, red button to close. Big enough to hold tissues, love notes, credit cards. Not really made to hold Read the full article…

Black knitted beanie

Sweet and simple black knitted beanie with bow detail. Ribbed, fits the average female bonce.