Primary school kids and sexual content: then vs now

  Sex Ed for primary school kids is a tough topic, with a huge difference between sexual content available now and when I was a child. Then, there was tame Read the full article…

What to do with a velour blanket when you’re bored

Sometimes just making the bed isn’t enough, especially when you have a bouncing six year old for whom any activity is an excuse to play. Hence I give you … Read the full article…

Folk-style felt chair pocket with ties

‘Home Sweet Home’ hand sewn chair pocket with red felt ties. Windows and door one side, heart applique on the other. Red and light grey felt, red and grey stitching, Read the full article…

Girl’s knitted poncho

Striking knitted poncho for little miss aged 2-4. Garter stitch, red, navy edging and pom-pom neck tie.    

Strawberry jam sandwich wallet

Yummy Strawberry Jam Sandwich wallet. Hand sewn, embroidered ‘crust’. Light toffee/red felt, red button to close. Big enough to hold tissues, love notes, credit cards. Not really made to hold Read the full article…

Black knitted beanie

Sweet and simple black knitted beanie with bow detail. Ribbed, fits the average female bonce.

EMILY dishtowel apron

Crafty dishtowel apron, perfect for a messy missy called Emily aged 3-6. Navy, red gingham applique, white ribbon ties, hand sewn. Three front pockets for little hands/secret stuff. Washable.  

‘P’ Embroidered pillow

Cream on cream embroidered ‘p’ linen pillow. Handmade, hand embroidered, four ribbon roses, bias binding. Fits perfectly into your palm. Comfortably filled with rice. Pretty.  

Blue mary jane knitted booties

We all know that shoes on babies are pretty much useless since they basically kick and squirm them off but they look so darned cute! Baby’s knitted Mary Jane booties. Garter Read the full article…