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hello weenie

No tricks here. Just treating you to a few sweet, non cavity-inducing sketches milking a marvelous pun. Sidebar: I’ve never met a pun I didn’t like, but I find people who don’t like puns untrustworthy.

Did you know that hot dogs are merely mushed-up lips or sphincters clothed in a bun? That doesn’t stop adults and kids alike LOVING them, especially with tomato sauce and mustard. Don’t forget their cute cousin, the cocktail vienna. This was favoured finger food at most family gatherings, skewered to a teeny block of cheese with a miniature pickled onion. It was also usually your selected job as a conveniently small-handed and dextrous child, for close proximity to the cheese supply.

Thus say hello to one child-friendly wiener dog and a couple of rather repetitive wholesome weenies. What a clever sausage.

If you’d like them as wallpapers, do give me a shout…

hello wiener – nature’s cruel trick, with legs too short to escape ridiculous halloween costumes.
hello weenie – YUMMY lips and sphincters.
what’s life without those fascinating magenta viennas in the deli section.
the versatile weenie: whether it’s naked, wrapped in a bun or the star of sausage party
halo weenie – SO meta…